Grand Rapids Township Mailbox Policy

Grand Rapids Township Mail Box Policy

The Grand Rapids Township Trustees have a duty to provide safe, passable township roads for the traveling public.  Mailboxes not in compliance with the US Postal regulations are a safety hazard and an obstruction to the safe use of township roads.  Please refer to the US Postal Service mailbox size and placement requirements below.  Ohio Revised Code 5547.03 provides for the removal of obstructions such as noncompliant mailboxes from the roads of Grand Rapids Township.

Mailbox Damage:  Only mailboxes damaged by direct contact with a vehicle or a plow, but not snow thrown from a plow, while performing Grand Rapids Township maintenance operations, will be considered for a cash settlement of up to $30.00.  Owners of damaged mailbox must notify, within 24 hours any Grand Rapids Township Trustee, who will inspect the damaged mailbox to confirm contact with a township road vehicle.

USPS Regulations Referenced

Mailbox size and Placement Requirements

  • Your Local postmaster must approve the location of your mailbox
  • Put a roadside mailbox where a carrier can reach inside without leaving the vehicle. That means positioning it about 41” to 45” off the ground.
  • If you are mounting a curbside mailbox on a post near the road, the support should be secure and safe. The best supports are designed to bend or fall away if a car hits them.
  • Federal Highway Administrations recommends:

* A wooden mailbox support no bigger than 4” X 4”.

* A 2” – diameter standard steel or aluminum pipe.

* Bury your post no more than 24” deep, so it can give way in an accident.

* Don’t use potentially dangerous support, such a heavy metal pipes, concrete posts,            railroad irons And farm equipment, such as milk cans filled with concrete.


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