Middleton Township Zoning

Zoning Inspector: Jeff Ford

Email: mtzoning@frontier.com
419-352-6263 (ofc) | 419-276-3546 (cell) | 419-352-6198 (fax)
Office hours are by appointment only.

For information with regard to the Township Zoning Permits,
Appeals or Fee Details please contact Jeff Ford, Zoning Inspector.

Effective May 20, 2011

Every effort is made to provide an accurate record of the Township Zoning Resolution.
Information is updated regularly but should not be considered all inclusive.
Information subject to change without notice.

The most current Resolution is available by contacting the Zoning Inspector.

Zoning Map – Color Version

Table of Contents – updated

ARTICLE I – General Provisions
ARTICLE II – Exemptions & Non-Conforming Uses
ARTICLE III – Establishment of Zoning Districts & Maps
ARTICLE IV – “B-2” Integrated Community Business Center District
ARTICLE V – SR 25 & SR 582 Overlay Zone – updated
ARTICLE VI – PUD – Planned Unit Development
ARTICLE VII – Permitted & Conditional Land Uses
ARTICLE VIII – Development Standards – updated
ARTICLE IX – Supplemental Requirements – updated
ARTICLE X – Landscaping Requirements
ARTICLE XI – Off-Street Parking & Loading Requirements
ARTICLE XII – Signage Regulations – updated
ARTICLE XIII – Wind Turbine Regulations
ARTICLE XIV – Enforcement – updated
ARTICLE XV – Zoning Commission
ARTICLE XVI – Board of Zoning Appeals
ARTICLE XVII – District Changes & Resolution Amendments
ARTICLE XVIII – Definitions – updated